I + DO + BALLOON = safe, DIY, affordable set of components and guidelines to launch a stratospheric balloon with a probe. In other words - It is simple and cheap to do high altitude balloon flight. Easy to assemble, to launch and to recover a probe after its flight.

What is iDO BALLOON?

iDO BALLOON is a simple, affordable and safe DIY high altitude balloon set to organize an educational or entertainment event at school, home or company event. The set includes detailed manuals and learning methodology. No specific technical or engineering skills are needed.

Our geographical location is Latvia. Riga (RIX) airport offers daily flights to all the European capitals. This lets us fast and cheap reach out to the customer and project site to implement stratospheric solution for your project.

Who we are?

  • A team of professional mechanical and electric engineers dedicated to advancing space exploration.
  • More than 6 years experience in launching stratospheric probes
  • 20 successful launches.
  • Winners of the Garage48 SpaceTech Hackathon (in Estonia, November 2017)

Our offer:

  • Science. Safe, reliable and affordable launch of scientific experiments (of up to 1kg) to Stratosphere (~30km) for University students, scientists, companies.
  • Education. Simple and affordable DIY sets for schools and families to organize hands-one learning events by building and launching stratospheric probes.
  • Marketing, entertainment and team building. Launching company logos, souvenirs in to the stratosphere for marketing purposes. Organizing team-building events for companies and organizations where staff teams are assembling flight kits and launching them in to the air.

Our customers:

  • Universities and groups of students (science and research, education))
  • Primary and secondary schools (education, STEM lessons)
  • Families (education, citizen science)
  • Companies (R&D, science)
  • Companies & consumer products (marketing, entertainment, HR - team building)
Price - how much does it cost to launch a stratospheric balloon?
  • Starting price to launch a scientific payload: 2500 eur + VAT.
  • Additional services may include e.g.: installment of the data collection sensors on the probe according to specified request; onboard videos; production of flight video; simultaneous launches; etc..
Cons of high altitude video solutions compared to drones:
  • no battery life limitation;
  • capture pictures and videos at very high altitudes;
  • very long flight;
  • ability to bring objects (e.g. products) up to 25 kilometers and capture their images.

Our experience:

  • High power rocketry mission in Latvia
  • Latvian Mobile Telephone - 5G ready mobile network company (subsidiary of Telia)
  • Latvian Association of Passenger Carriers (Latvijas Pasažieru pārvadātāju asociācija)

Contact us:
Pauls Irbins, [email protected], +371 29423324
Chat with us using WhatsApp: