This is a page of the 1st Latvian high power rocketry mission or so called "LATVIAN AMATEUR SPACE ROCKET." The goal of the project is to develop a simple and affordable solution of launching UNMANNED sounding rockets into space (above the Karman line of 100 km) from a stratospheric platform at 25-30km altitude. Thus this team would become the 2nd amateur team in the World to achieve this with high power amateur rocket. Our approach is to build a small rocket that can be launched from a stratospheric platform at altitude of 30km. Detailed video presentation below:

Mission is run by curiosity and science center ZINOO in Latvia. We are supported by mobile communication company Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT), Elme Messer Gaas, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia, Riga Technical University and other companies and organizations.

First public launch of the rocket was on 20th of April, 2017 near town of Cesis in Latvia. PLEASE ENABLE SUBTITLES on YouTube for English.

Second public launch of the rocket was on September 19, 2017

ZINOO space team was a winner at Garage48 Space Hackathon with "iDO Balloon" project

Article in English: LATVIA STREAKS TOWARD SPACE! by Mike Collier (LSM)

Two of the engineers are certified by Tripoli Rocketry Association (http://www.tripoli.org/) and are holding 2nd level certification.